Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

When cats just know, My Bermagui jaunt.

Thursday 14th January
The boys  knew something was happening, they had a lot of clues as you can see in the following pictures.

I like this new bed, interesting!!

Very comfy and cool too.

Now what is going on here, bags, new bed, mum rushing around.

We can share but do not come closer or I will growl. I need to sit here to farewell mum.

So off I went to Bermagui to a very much colder climate, it was raining, the temperature was in the high teens and it was so easy to sleep. I took these photos in the late afternoon on Wednesday and this morning.

This is the local beach across from where I stayed.

The blue pool where I will swim next time.

Boat harbour, taken on my run.

Part of the coast nearby, the sea was a little rough.

Tomorrow I will show some photos of the beautiful village of Cobargo, where I hope to do a writing course in February.


CCL Wendy said...

Yes, the boys obviously knew something was up! That's such a hoot with Spider trying to make a bed out of that pot! He reminds me a lot of Huffle Mawson -- do you know Huffle? She's a pure black kitty, as well, from down under.

What a beautiful spot you chose for a getaway! Hope you had a great time while you were at it.

Sammy and Andy said...

Loved all the fotos......looks like a wonderful get away spot, even when cold. But our fav was the pic of Spider laying in that pot!!!!!

Brian said...

Wow, that is a pretty place, but it would be much nicer when it is warm!

Ginger Jasper said...

We cats always know when something is happening.Pretty place your mum has gone tooo. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs Gj x

Kas said...

Huffle Mawson I may need to see this HUffle Mawson, sounds like a character.

Anya said...

Lovely photos - your cats look so sleek and healthy. Kitty in catgrass pot: too funny!