Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Urambi hill suicides, shopping with Sherrie and how long do I wait.

Wednesday 30th December 09
I am gonna sit here and you had better give me a cuddle soon or else.
Below is the hill I ran up and down yesterday morning. A suicide (According to my trainer Jenna) is to run a bit up and back down, run a bit further the 2nd time and then back to start and continue until you hit the predetermined spot to get to.

I took a camera for the last lap and got close to where the front end loader is. The view is of Lake Tuggeranong, a man made lake as are all lakes in Canberra.

Smudge has been stealing my brooches and earrings, below are some photos of him playing with the reindeer brooch he is obsessed with. Mr Squeak mouse is hidden for a few days to give me a break in the morning.

The reindeer brooch!

Now how do I put this thing on?
Shopping with Sherrie was fruitful, I got a great red dress for NYE and only spent $20. We both had some play time with Smudge and Spider (well Smudge really and Spider watches). We got a shot of Smudge flying matrix style through the air after Squeak mouse, very cool.Squeak mouse is now on top of the door to Smudge's dissapointment.

Superkitty, now where is that dratted mouse.

Hmm, are u a cat you don't look like us but u sure act like we do.

Squeak mouse out of reach.

I will rescue you, new mission for today.
No more waiting, no texts, no calls, I get the message. I will party on by myself for now, a coffee date with a teacher tommorrow, might be nice.


Karen Jo said...

Good for you on the running and finding such a pretty dress. I am guessing that play with Squeak Mouse is a bit noisy in the morning. Don't be surprised if Smudge finds a way to rescue his mouse.

Brian said...

I know you will find a way to get to that mouse!

Kas said...

Yes the mouse got moved as yes attempts were made.

I am hoping for a fun night tonight, I wish you a great night for your New Years Eve.