Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The grass jungle, its definitely our dinner time and men the not so great communicators.

Tuesday 29th December 09
I did a reno on the cats grass in the outside room and they had a ball this arvo sampling the different types of grass. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing this to make sure the grass they use is pesticide free, I do this by only getting grass from my garden and I allow some grass clumps to grow in the garden for future use.

Spider and Smudge let me know in very certain terms that it was their dinner time last night , sitting around in the kitchen and lying on the floor with a few well timed miaows.

So what do I do about my Coota boy, he has not called me, messaged me in any way since Saturday and that was only because I asked. I figure he has gone into his cave and will come out when he is ready or as the book says "He is not that into you". So I have been chatting to a couple of other boys, so yes I am having my thinking/cave time as well. I figure New years eve is still being spent with Lolo and friends which was a hoot last year.


Brian said...

Y'all sure were enjoying the grass...we haven't had any cat grass in a long time...best put it on the wish list!

Kas said...

Of course the boys do tend to leave little clumps of grass around with hair balls as well. At least I know its doing its job. Hope you get your grass soon Brian.