Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Resolutions, Booroomba Rocks and

31st December 2009.

New years resolutions for me are to have fun more often, worry less and to keep exercising. This involves me not working Mondays but bushwalking every Monday and avoiding the dreaded Mondayitis.
Spider and Smudge resolve "to keep wrestling and leaving toys everywhere. To especially wrestle on top of mum every morning if she decides that 6.15 is too early to feed us“.

I am only looking, no digging or scratching, I promise.

Okay I am hungry who is gonna pounce first?
Yesterday I got up early and drove to Booroomba rocks, it was a beautiful morning and kangaroos all along the side of the road so I drove very carefully.

The way upwards.

The view at the rocks itself is stunning and I also spied some Black Rock skinks, gorgeous but big scaredy cats, they would stick their heads out to see if I had gone and realised I had not and then hide again.

I am hoping you can't see me, its not working is it?

A native orchid flower.
The afternoon the boys and I just hung out watching Gilmore Girls, then I went and got my friend Lolo and her daughter Lyndal from the airport. There was this strange moment where a car stopped and these people appeared to have a shoving match outside their car over who was going to drive, I was a bit freaked but they left so that was good.

So today is a day of catching up with friends and then getting ready for tonight.


Zig et Zag said...

Your resolutions are cool!!
Ours is to have more cuddles!!

Happy New Year 2010

Bisous de Nantes

Brian said...

The pics are cool and you're resolutions rule! My sisters and I wish y'all a Happy New Year!!!

Zig et Zag said...

Hope that your celebrations went well, we are still in 2009!!

Kas said...

Thanks for the feedback. A great night with a goodf friend. I was back before 12 and celebrated with Spider and Smudge. Hope you all have a great night as well.