Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Thursday, why is it not Friday and there is a monster munch horn in my shoe (thanks Smudge)

The best cat poster ever.

Thursday 3rd December
Do you realise that it is only 22 days till Christmas and only 12 days of school left for the year. I gave all my pressies ( except my friends in the ACT) to my family on the weekend so no worries about hunting for presents last minute.
Oh I wish it was Friday, it is a full on time of year and the stress seems mile high. I am pleased to say I went running after school today. There was this battle going on in my head over not going because I was so tired so bloody tired and this other voice that was saying you will feel better if you do. The latter won and boy was it right, I feel energised.

The best Bamboo art!!
Just As I went to put my running shoes on I feel something in the end of the shoe, of course a horn of one of the monster munchies, thanks to Smudge. Both boys got their teeth brushed last night too, Spider gave me a whiff of his breath and I went and got their toothbrushes straight away. Oh and Spider decided to act like a kitten and play with a monster horn last night too.

This person was just being really silly and gave up.

One of the beautiful haiku the children created.

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