Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Swimming madness, flaked out cats and rain please.

I like this spot and I will chomp you (gently) if you make me move.
Thursday 24th December
I forgot to mention I made a huge decision the other day, when I received a phone call offering me a contract with a year 6 class. This was at a school with a non- supportive reputation towards its teachers. It was easy to say no thanks, I am relief teaching for a semester.
Yesterday was a get and get things done day. I went for a swim at the local pool and was shocked to sit on the edge of pool looking at the lanes marked, medium, fast and slow. As I sat there I wondered was I a super fish or did these people just jump in an empty lane, they were all super slow and I normally get ejected to the slow lane!!!. I pondered the thought of what some people would do in this situation, some would just swim on the others tail and made them move from sheer terror. (I bit like a driver on the way home, I just counted to ten and drove at the speed I wanted to and moved when I could).

Anyway I climbed into the medium lane and swam and caught up with the swimmer very swiftly, he had apparently stopped and I asked “ok if I overtake” a grunt was his reply. After this whenever I passed him he splashed so I got a gob full of water as I breathed, I decided to breathe the opposite side and all was ok other than his speed being snail like.
The boys on the other hand were flaked out on the floor when I got home, the coolest spot of course.

Then later they had a huge wrestling match, this began with a gentle washing session which very quickly changed.

Then with plaintive meows they extracted a dried duck treat from me. That’s why they are reaching eagerly in the photos. It is actually for dogs so I always supervise closely while they eat it and break it into smaller pieces.

Oh and for those people following my dating adventures, I feel Coota had cooled off a bit, since our date. He is not texting as much and even though we have plans to catch up after Christmas I feel a bit unsure. My solution is to get on with my life as always, a run this morning has cleared my head and cuddles with Spider while I watch Gilmore girls is great.

Spider pondering his next move in outside room.

I am just checking my claws still work, no climbing I promise.


Zig et Zag said...

Have a very Merry Christmas full of cuddles, catnip and sleep.

Bisous de Nantes

Kas said...

Thanks and I hope you and your human pets have a restful Christmas.

norma c said...

Charlie fait comme toi, il se met toujours devant le clavier de l'ordinateur.
Joyeux Noël à tous.

Zig et Zag said...

37° Where do you live?

Kas said...

I live in Canberra.