Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Happy Christmas everyone from Smudge, Spider and Kas.

Smudge watching a moth last night.
Friday 25th December
I have worked out Spider has the chair cuddle rights and Smudge has the bed cuddle rights, neither of them attempt to come onto the areas that are not theirs for cuddles. Spider sits on the end of the bed, Smudge sits on top of the scratching post near the black TV chair.
While working on the computer yesterday Smudge appeared dragging my dressing gown under my feet. Of course he had to get some attention some how and this seemed the best way to him and of course dragging it like a lion would its prey.

The culprit can be seen in top right corner.
This morning it has been raining since 3am and yes I did go outside at that time to check if all my water containers were collecting water. Took a photo of the boys in mid sleep.

This morning they have been exploring outside, Smudge in a rambunctious (I looked this word up to check it described Smudges appropriately and “Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline fashion” was listed. This suits Smudge as you can see in the photos). Spider was a little more restrained and checked out the plants put under drips areas. Smudge continued wall climbing covering himself in cobwebs and eating a slug almost.

Just a bit more and I will be officially king of the castle.

Tell me again why are these plants here???

Not sure if I remember how yukky these are , I'll just check again.
Christmas lunch will be a roast at Daphne’s place. The rain will be an excuse to get gardening this afternoon. Stay well and safe everyone.


norma c said...

Happy Chritmas from Charlie, Rafi and Kali !

Karen Jo said...

Merry Christmas. I would be delighted to check out Smudge and Spider for limerick inspiration.

Kas said...

Happy Christmas to to you Norma and to Charlie, Rafi and Kali.

Kas said...

Good luck with your limericks and I look forward to reading them.