Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Furry felines are the best

Wednesday 23rd December 2009

Hello, the cute look gets me what I want.

Hello all, and a special hello to my new followers. I just love to look at other peoples blogs on cats and “Zig et Zag” is a gorgeous blog which I have joined. Looking this morning at some other blogs and came across another called “cat whisperer”, I admire the way Anya has merged her gardening and cats together in one blog.

Back to the world of Smudge and Spider, last night was a chase the ant around the room night for Smudge. Quite amusing to watch as he followed the ants progress around the room.

I am watching very closely.

Where has that dratted ant gone now.

Thomas the cat finally submitted to having a photo taken of him as I went to his pets place to have a glass of wine or two.

Thomas and my take home glass of wine.

This morning it’s bug Spider time for Smudge, Spider is happily sitting next me on the spare computer chair and Smudge sits on the very top and teases him. Then Smudge proceeds to climb down on top of Spider as the photos show.

I am king of the chair!

"Here I come" says Smudge.
Smudge is now happily climbing in and out of my bags of school stuff in the computer room and has left poor Spider in peace for a moment.

Now I am in peace, well almost just gotta relax!!!

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