Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Relief teaching and moving towards my life purpose.

Saturday 12th December

A number of factors have led me to decide to relief teach next year and move towards my life purpose of helping children and animals at the same time as I become a mildly reclusive author. Number one is the less than positive report given by the Deputy Principal at my school. No people skills whatsoever, I sat while he went through my report blow by blow making me feel smaller by the second, talk about cutting someone down to size ( well I felt about a millimetre high).
I had been very supportive of this dude (this is me being restrained rather than saying what I want to call him here, I will act appropriately and not jump up and down in of front of people as he does), other teachers had said he is blah, blah blah and I had said he is ok, well not any more.

Will I be polite in future to this person, yes, will I be extra friendly no. It is a dog eat dog world and the teaching profession of which I appear not to suit has eaten me and spat me out.

Number two on my list for relief teaching is being able to help my mum more. Repeat, it is not my problem, I say in my head each time I feel the emotion weighing on my shoulders.

Number three being able to write my books and to teach more of what I want to teach, fancy being told I teach too much of my passion. Barely have I had an opportunity and as It was what I was encouraged to apply for this position, here I am.
Number four are the two boys in my life who I feel I neglect a little, well not too much but I would like a cat day from time to time and the chance to spend more time bushwalking and visiting a town near Wagga perhaps.

Talked myself into it, yes that I have as Spider sits nearby on the spare chair ever present. 5 Days to go of year 6, only three actual days of teaching as it is. Then lots of socialising I hope with a certain guy who has two cats just like me.

Cats are doing the usual morning gallivant now. I am considering going to X-training, never have well here goes nothing.

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