Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Partying Christmas beetles, Mount Tennent and hyper cats.

Smudge and part of a monster munch puppet again.

Tuesday 22nd December
The walk up Mount Tennent was a battle, both physically and mentally. Thinking about Coota and where he is at with his thinking drifted off into the recesses of my mind as the physical effort took me into mindfulness.
Initially finding a bunch of Christmas beetles partying two by two in a Eucalypt helped me center. They were flying around everywhere as were Cicadas that were harder to catch in a photo.

Being distracted by the view encouraged me to stop and take it all in as I made my way up the countless steps to the saddle.

At the saddle I had early hope to see my friend the Lyrebird but he did not show and this only spurs me on to want to walk more in nature. Another walk will be on the agenda in the next few days.

Near the saddle, the lovely stroll to my lunch spot.

Back to Smudge and Spider, they have been hyper plus, gallivanting around and intermittently wrestling and then stopping for washes.


Zig et Zag said...


Thank you for the message. Smudge and Spider are sweet and look as if they have a very good life too. Do not worry about the decorations, they are all out of paws reach!! It is not fair!!! Zig still tries to reach them but no luck......yet!!
bisous de Nantes

norma c said...

Bisous de Kali, Rafi et Charlie, chats marseillais !

Kas said...

Thanks for your comment, I tend to have to restrict what I have inside due to the cats. Plants get trashed or can be poisonous.

Anya said...

Hi Kas! Thanks for the kind words! I have the holidays to properly explore your blog, but I sure like what I've seen so far. We once had a cat called Smudge - he was sooooo precocious! We still miss him - as all who have left us.

Kas said...

Hi Anya,

I just love your blog.It must be a beautiful place where you live.