Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Insomnia, gallivanting cats and being philosophical

Saturday 5th December

Okay it is 2am on Saturday morning and after eating porridge, getting washing up done and a spot of reading I decided why not write this blog. The boys are gallivanting around the house wondering what the heck is going on but making the most of it. Smudge has followed my out of bed, back to bed, out of bed ,back to bed pattern and mirrored it. He has hoped most of all for a smakeral of food each time I get up but I have not succumbed to the imploring miaow, the look of undying love or the brush up against my legs.

I am praying for a cathartic effect here as I know what induced the insomnia. Leanne has a bunch of little cheerleaders on a sleep over in her house and expects a lack of sleep, we will be comparing notes. Yes I am a teacher and as a contact teacher I have a report done on me twice a year. This involves being observed as I teach .Well yesterday I got the report on just how well I am performing. Let me just add that I would have liked to have heard more of what I do well, I can take criticism, but it helps when it is interdispersed with positives.

                      Smudge at 3am this morning.
 Keep in mind as a contact teacher I am currently on challenging class no 5, not 4, not 3 but virtually 5 in a row!!!!!! No wonder I feel like I have forgotten how to teach when I have spent all my time engaging in behavioural management.
The next ten days of teaching for me are about finding a way to get through them as positively as possible. See it is cathartic, writing, playing with cats and gardening. That would be the life. Oh and I now have the whole 7 series of Gilmore Girls, another great escape. I need to stop needing to esacpe this I know, living in the moment is what brings joy to ones life.

A moment of togetherness captured.
Yes I wrote most of this blog during the wee hours and I do feel resolutely that I need my life back, having to put my book on the back burner is not conducive to forward movement towards my life purpose. The boys are back to their gallivanting with some interesting grunts coming from Spider as he gets mildly annoyed by Smudge's exuberance.

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