Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Finding a balance between joy and work.

It’s easy to find ones joy, what is a little more of a challenge is melding the two of them so that joy can be a regular part of work. Yes if you read my blog yesterday you would have observed that joy has been rare for me of late at school.

Today I am working on the remedy, observing Spider and Smudge is a good way to start. Not saying that they engage in any sort of work but that they can keep the joy alive in my life. Spider for instance decided he would climb under the covers with me this morning, he has not done this for ages and it amuses me.

Smudge with a monster munch tail.
So working on a timetable daily for three weeks is a good start, I started today and have to confess I am a bit behind. I scheduled in a run and did a run. Also timetabled in was working on my A-E’s for school. Guess how much of that I have done? Pick a % between 0- 10, yes 0. I intend to fix this situation as having them done will be a weight off my mind as will be ensuring I have a time out slip written for the cheeky sod in my class who walked out Friday afternoon rudely before he was dismissed. Justice will be served and he will get his comeuppance.
Went and watched Gilmore girls, then saw how they were procrastinating and it encouraged me to get off my butt and get this blog done. I am going to head to the Woden Markets for a short visit and then catch up on errands. A-E’s will get done later today. This timetabling thing takes some discipline which I will have to work on.
Have a look at the gardening blog, lots happening in my garden.
Hope your Sunday is full of many joys.

Spider watching Smudgies antics.

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