Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Christmas, bag diving and playing in the rain.

Yesterday as if on cue Smudge decides its a good time to try bag diving, not box diving but bag diving and Spider joined in when I added a few biscuits into the bag. I tried to get a video but was a little dark but will also have to figure out how to post one on this blog, my next mssion I guess. So if you are reading this a how to would be appreciated. Quite an interesting thing for the boys to do since I watched a really cool video about a Scottish Fold cat that did box diving just the day before.

If I put my head in here I wonder what happens.

Now where are those biscuits?
Smudge  also assisted Aunty Sherrie when she came over to get her present. Sherrie wrapped a present for me for today for Daphne.

I like this game.
I have been reading I have been reading a few other cat blogs and I have to say how much I enjoy admiring the beautiful felines and what they get up to. Well done all of you cat bloggers and owners of cats that blog.

The boys had a special mid morning snack of Duck chews for dogs that I mentioned before. This was one of their Christmas treats, the other being some left over roast chicken from the lunch I went to.
The lunch was great other than the fact so many people smoked, only myself and the host Daphne were not smokers, they all smoked outside and were responsible smokers to put their butts in a tray. There was so much food, loads of vegies and four types of roast meat as well as prawns for an entrée. Yes I did think of squirreling away some prawns for the boys but they were eaten very swiftly.

I had a bath last night and the boys did their usual walk along the edge of the bath, Smudge almost fell in as he often does. Both my boys are used to having the odd bath themselves, Spider actually chomps on the tap as it runs.

I could watch this all day.

I am not going to fall in, repeat .

The rain is continuing here and I have been watching Gilmore girls again, found another cat segment about these two cats that visit Loreli when she is all alone. She actually mentions that she worries about becoming a lonely cat lady, I guess that is me but I have to say I am not lonely. How could anyone be with the warm and comforting presence of not just one but two cats.

The two cuties on Gilmore girls.

Mmm nice colour, I can smell biscuits.


Karen Jo said...

Bag diving looks like fun. Sorry about all the rain. We have a sunny day, but cold. To post a video: sign in, then click on Settings. Scroll down to Global Settings and select Old Editor. Click on Save Settings. Go to New Post and look for the icon that looks like a film strip. Click it and it follow the instructions. You can also click Edit Posts, if you want to add a video to a post you have already published. I hope this works for you.

Kas said...

Thanks so much for answering my query with such efficiency.

Kas said...

I am gonna try, wish me luck, a little bet techno challenged here.