Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Crunching cat grass, Mr monster and the basket and man and his cave.

Sunday 26th December 2009

Hang on there's a spot I missed.
The boys pot of grass was looking a bit sad, I always ensure they have grass to eat as it is an emetic for cats (they are able to bring up fur balls more easily.) So yesterday while doing some weeding I pulled up some grass I had been saving for them, it was full of earwigs so I made pretty sure they were all shook off it. Spider and Smudge particularly like the long bits to gnaw, the thing I have to watch is Smudge and his determined excavation at times.

If smells like earwigs, where are they?

I put all the monster puppet bits into a basket for Smudge yesterday, he had so much fun deciding which one to play with first. He rather enjoyed the game of pulling them all out and then getting his pet human to put them all back for him.

It just wants a cuddle.

     Now next victim is?

The aftermath.
Coota has been in his cave, spending time with his family yes but heading back to the place he feels most comfortable his home. I chatted to him last night, I have had to initiate most contact this week however and when I mentioned he had become a bit distant he said he had just been thinking, interesting really.

My friend Lois has a black bean plant or a lucky Bean plant (I am not sure of it’s real name) and it needs repotting into a bigger pot and with more potting mix. I tried looking on internet but not much luck, I will try and take a photo as I know some of you fabulous cat bloggers are also green thumbs. Would love some advice on how to repot.

The boys enjoyed some more duck chews as a reward for coming back inside from their enclosure. Here is a photo of the packet.


Brian said...

Hello my friends, thanks for stopping by to visit me! Wow, we haven't had any cat grass in a while...gonna have to complain about that!

Kas said...

Hi Brian,

we both love cat grass so much and when mum is away we dig it up and sparead soil everywhere.