Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Abby, Tigger and the street of many cats.

Wednesday 9th December

Smudge on the windowsill.
Abby is the blond bimbo cat that lives across the road from our house. She is gallivanting around the street at all hours and her owner wonders why his cat is not miss cuddle. Anyway she regularly comes to say hello to me (as do most of the neighbourhood cats, I still love them even if their owners show a lack of care through letting them roam the streets.) , in fact as I pull up in my car she appears out of nowhere to smooch my hand as I step out of my car and regularly has a bounce around inside my car if I leave it open for any space of time.
Tigger is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat and she has never really said much of a hello, that is until the other day. I was saying hello to a very small white cat whom Abby’s owner had mistaken for her (personally I think he needs his eyesight checking). This white cat is very young and yet covered with obvious war wounds under its short coat.

Tigger wandered over and displaced this white cat and she was very happy to be stroked, so happy in fact that when I stopped she grabbed me gently with both paws around my hand as if asking for me to continue.

Of course then there is Thomas Bruce’s cat, Sam and Stanley who live up the road owned by Jason ( Actually more like they own him, I remember reading a short definition of the word cat. It went something like “partially domesticated animal that keeps humans as pets“, I tend to agree quite avidly with this definition.) There are also Tweak, Pepper and Pinyata  down the other end of the street, so yes I know the cats in my street quite well  and they know me and often come and say hello when I am out in the garden.

I will have to get some photos of all these characters I talk about. Have a fantabulous Wednesday!!!

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