Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Thank god it's Friday, bag exploring and lessons in face washing

We are all glad it’s Friday, me because I have a sleep in (well as much as I can with Smudge’s enthusiasm for mornings) and the boys because I am home for two whole days. Surprise for them on Sunday because they will be sharing me with Alison my mum. Smudge has not met her yet so should be interesting. Spider knows Alison and likes her almost as much as Lolo, just does not get to see her as much.

Bag exploring happened last night ( as can be seen in the slightly blurry photo), Smudge loves exploring bags, in fact he even likes to be carried around in one. The boys always investigate anything new, even when Leanne my life coach has visited my house Smudge could not leave her bag alone, I was a little concerned for the bags integrity after Smudge had had his fun.

(this is Smudgies slobbered on Squeaky mouse)

Speaking of exploring Spider did some major shower exploring last night, having just gone to bed after blowing up my hair dryer and a few fuses (found this out this morning when my fridge was not going, had the idea of needing to buy a new fridge, not fun I tell you) there was a racket coming from the bathroom. Spider, yes old grandpa Spider was on top of the shower recess, not Smudge but Spider. Let me tell you I was shocked, guess he can still jump if he needs to and is demonstrating this to Smudge. Mind you I think he was stuck up there and he climbed onto me me as I came near him, interesting!!
 There was also the fact that last night I spent trying to sleep with cats roaming around the bed and playing Musical sleep spots cat style. I woke up at one point with Smudge near my face and Spider on the other side and I was almost pinned down and unable to move easily.

Boxing well that’s for me to tell you about tomorrow as I am taking breaks between report writing. Anyone who says Teachers are lucky they only work from 9-3 should come and do some report writing ( and many of the other things teachers do in their one time) which takes up a lot of time out of school hours, days even.

Spider is the expert in cute face washing by the way, I took some photos the other day and it was funny as all I seemed to get was his pink tongue all blurred until I waited and here is the result.


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