Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The hairspray bonanza, Extreme bike riding and claw trimming time.

Yesterday was Mufti day for our school, this means everyone gets to come out of Uniform and the year 5’s and 6’s put on a fete with lots of varied stalls. One of these stalls was a hairspray stall and it was shocking, horrifying and unbelievable (and would have been our own environmental disaster if they were full of CFC’s) to see how many cans of coloured hairspray the girls used.

Last night in my dreams I was riding a bike along a mountain path, I slid down a huge rock face and ended up in a lake. Then a rock surfaced and carried me to the side of the lake. The strange dreams I have!!!

Smudge was playing in a box with Squeaky mouse yesterday, I took a load of photos as he was so entertaining and gorgeous. This morning not so gorgeous with his sharp claws the pawing under the covers at my feet actually hurt, no tickle this time.

Smudge and
 the box!!!!

So hence today will be official claw trimming day for the both of the boys. There were three cats I used to look after near Tuggeranong lake here in the ACT where I live. They were a gorgeous bunch, I was actually paid to look after them while I was going to Uni and training to be a teacher. It was the best job and these boys were very special, I used to trim their claws and it was an easy job with Leo as he thought I was just playing with his feet. A different story with Max and Sebastian as they knew exactly what I was doing and I used to have to wrap them up in a towel in order to get the job done while they were swearing at me in cat.
Today I will be taking my dearest friend Sherrie out shopping, she is Aunty Sherrie and Smudge’s Godmother. He adores her as she came to the RSPCA when I adopted him almost 6 months ago and she frequently comes to exercise some of the exuberance out of him.
Cat claw trimming will be reported on tomorrow, wish me luck.

Spider close up!!!

                                                     Smudge and squeak mouse

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