Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Extreme cupboard climbing, Cinquain poems and crazy dress ups.

November 5th Thursday

Arriving home yesterday, Smudge is sprawled on the floor and nearby is Squeaky mouse. Yes Smudge has retrieved the annoying stupid thing that is used as a torturous lack of sleep device against me. Retrieved it from the shelf above the tall boy about a metre up and inside about 20cm, one determined cat!!!



Smudge and Spider love their time outside in the enclosure (the sun room attached to our house), these are two housecats that do not go outside except into this enclosure where there is grass and sun as the photos show. They chase bugs, eat grass and well Spider plots his occasional escape through the bolted sliding door. I have a respect for the wildlife that life outside our house and every day numerous cats swarm the neighbourhood wreaking havoc at times. Sorry I love wildlife and I love my cats.

This moment sees Spider on top of the mouse cube, ( a box basically with a mouse hanging inside each open side) and Smudge trying to get Squeaky mouse who was put inside there last night. I shut the whole box in the computer room last night as I spotted Smudge eyeing off the box last night, too high on a shelf for Spider but apparently not for Smudge. This cat is like a toddler but at least he does not normally open cupboards, he just jumps metres in the air and climbs up scaringly high shelves.
Tomorrow is Mufti day (fete day for our year 5’s and 6’s) and I am supplying dress up clothes for one of the year 6 groups. It should be interesting to see the children all in my cast offs looking very cute. Nonetheless I am also supplying plants for the plant stall and some hairspray for the budding hairdressers.
Smudge is still entranced with the mouse cube and Squeaky mouse has gone, hidden to wake me in the night I imagine with a “SQUEAK”.

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