Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Stanley’s ambush, the return of Mr Zebra and yowling lesson number two.

Sunday 8th November

Stanley ambushed me yesterday on the way to the shops, I know most of the cats in the neighbourhood and he is quite a character. There was a rustle, a fast padding of tiny feet and then zoom there was Stanley rolling on the ground as smoochy as. He does not get much of a chance to be first in as Sam (the other cat in his household) is normally the boss but is such a tease, he makes out he is going to let you pat him, all meaowy and then dashes off. Stanley let me give him a big pat. Stanley is a Burmesey looking ginger colour and Sam is as black as night and a larger cat and always talking.

Mr Zebra is a toy that Spider used to play with when he was a younger much more energetic cat. Last night Smudge was going nuts with him tossing him around and having a ball.

AKA Mr Zebra

 Smudge and the Mouse box

Sherrie my 13 year old friend came over for a couple of hours yesterday, Smudge was so happy to see her and we got some very cute photos, as you can see. Spider well he is just a bit of a grump at times with Sherrie , he adores Kammie who will be looking after them when I go away for a girls weekend down the coast. We had a lovely shopping trip, Sherrie actually did my shopping, I was most impressed, she is growing up so fast now she is 13. I have known her since she was 6 or so and she has learnt the art of quiet moments so well. Another aspect that surprises me is her maturity, she has just started her first job and even though a girl at her work was being unfriendly she decided to be positive and friendly towards her, it paid off as this girl is now accepting of Sherrie.


Sherrie and Smudge

This morning Spider was the one yowling, god knows why but it eventuated in the boys having a big pounce fight and a very entertaining show for me.
Have a fun Sunday.

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