Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Market madness, escargot and continued cat climbing

Monday 9th November

Alison my mum arrived yesterday earlier than expected so my blog may have been a little rushed. We dashed off to the Woden Markets, had a lovely time walking around and I was pitying the people sitting in the heat of the sun for the majority of the day. It was nice to pick up some little girl dresses for my niece Trinny for her Birthday a day before her dads I believe.
Dinner was at a local Thai restaurant that impressed me and Alison. I wore a white and red top and wondered how I would go eating Laksa. Yes I left feeling a bit of a grot as my top was decorated with coconut milk curry.

A gentle wash before an all out wrestling match.

Earlier this morning the boys and I sat in the outside enclosure (well I sat , Spider lay down and Smudge explored). Smudge decided to try eating a slug and found it very gooey and as you can see in the photo below his face still has snail goop on it and he has been trying to wash it off ever since.

Snail goo on face.

Spider enjoying the early morning sun in enclosure.

At this moment Smudge has used a computer chair to climb up onto my filing cabinet. He is eyeing off the really high shelf and doing the same motion of hesitating or self talk I go through when I am attempting to jump onto something the height of a weight bench.

I guess cat worming will be needed soon, snails and other insects I believe carry an assortment of parasites. Fun, fun!!

The cat claw cutting went well, Spider had a grumble but some gentle taps to his nose normally puts him in his place.

Both Spider and Smudge entranced by the birds morning chorus.

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