Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Sound sleep, vacuuming and yet still more report writing.

Wednesday 18th November

Sleep is at a premium in my house, I find I function better as most people do with adequate sleep. So the first couple of nights Smudge has been shut down the other end of the house. Otherwise he plays with things and makes a racket on and off all night. I’ve been hoping that he will get the message and in order to get to stay with me and Spider he is less exuberant at night. Last night we played with Squeak mouse till 11pm (I was throwing it as I sat writing reports). And I can report we all slept quite soundly last night.

Smudge and Spider sleeping in their own way.
It will be vacuuming time soon before I go away on my girls weekend. Generally when It’s time to vacuum and I grab the red vacuum cleaner from under the spare bed Smudge runs for cover. Spider pretends he does not care, really he is shaking like a leaf inside but he can’t show any form of weakness around Smudge. Smudge emerges when he feels a bit more brave and he sits up high so he can eyeball the vacuum at all times. I am almost tempted to vacuum his back and de fur him a little but I know this is not a good idea and would never do such a thing. Reminiscing has me remembering my brother who put a peg on a cats tail once, I was horrified.
Reports, I am plodding through and hope to be 95 % done tonight, all other planning seems to go by the wayside however and I am keen to see how I will go over next few days flying a bit by the seat of my pants one might say.
Oh and yesterday I went to a Sustainability course, it really made me think about my job and next years options. I will report on my feeling tomorrow probably.

One thing that concerned me was, we are at a sustainability course and instead of recycling the Styrofoam cups 70% of people threw them in the bin. I really feel we need to be good role models for sustainability, don’t you?? If we are going to be teaching it.

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