Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The mad moth munching moggies, yet more reports and why do some people look grumpy most of the time?

Thursday 19th November
Yes moth munching is very big in our house, they are a delicacy and are eaten with gusto. Smudge in particular consumes some every night. Spider not usually but last night both of them where sitting by the front door chasing them down and gulping them down with gusto in case the other one beat them to it.

Smudge at his happiest
Yes it’s like a broken record, report writing is what exists in my brain at the moment. Yesterday I was thinking about the extra time teachers spend on other work, planning
and of course reports out of school. I spoke to a teacher who does only work part time yet she has to fill out a leave form to pick her child up from school if she leaves when a meeting is scheduled. This teacher in question spends hours of her own time creating school gardens and slaving away but she is not allowed a few minutes to pick up her child without bureaucracy stepping in. Who ever says to me I have it easy teachers only work from 9-3 again is going to get in trouble!!!!!!!
Oh I don’t get people that walk around looking annoyed all day, I start worrying that I have done something to upset them because surely It must be just when they are near me when they show the expression they do, they need to smile more, oh dear maybe I am one of them???

Spider enjoying a sunny spot

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