Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Silly Sunday, Aunty Kammie and Billum bags

Monday 2nd November
Yep the house decorating has continued, Smudge courtesy of being shut down other end of house last night due to extremely juvenile high energy did some modifications to house.
These included knocking picture frame down from shelf, pushing vase with fake flowers in onto carpet and breaking vase ( was pretty gross though). Smudge is making his own little suggestions and assisting me in de cluttering my house.
The de cluttering that occurred yesterday involved me putting up a vision board where my dreams in pictures and some words are displayed. I am using a noticeboard that Smudge knocked down last month and was previously covered in bills and notes.
The installation involved me getting some wall mounts from Bunnings and the instructions said “Simply screw into wall with gentle pressure”, not easy especially when one is trying to screw into a wooden house frame behind. Job was a bit easier away from the frame and board is now hung. The good news is that it is still up on the wall this morning, Smudge obviously approves and the flowers are being donated to school for fete.

Back to earlier in the day Sunday, Kammie ( a 12 year old friend ) and I went to the Woden Markets, great place to pick up stuff. Always I seem to be unconsciously thinking of books my class would like and then there they are before me. Drawing books and also great scented markers that I just had to buy. Also of note are the comments and introductions that occur due to my PNG Billum bag. On this occasion a PNG guy introduced himself as did I and commented on my bag and how it is a great honour to be given one especially by a PNG family.

Reality now has me thinking towards my day with my Year 6 class, reports but really all I want to do is spend the day lying in the sun with Smudge and Spider.

Spider and I had quality Smudge free time last night too. No Pouncing or growling due to invasion of any ones personal space.

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