Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Orange hair, hissy-growly spider bum and shelf digging with Smudge

November 1st Sunday 2009

Orange hair, not a good look when one is going grey and trying to age with style as she slips hopefully unnoticed into her forties. "You've got orange hair" says one of my students with tact, not. My reply is always "It's better than grey". Anyway compared to Spider’s coat of black yesterday my hair was almost fluoro orange, about time I did a fix it job. Last night I got to work colouring my hair with henna but I have had to step up a rather large notch (if that is what one says) and use mostly black as last weekends dye job is what resulted in the orange hair comment.

Colouring my hair is a 3 hour job and not one for felines to interfere with otherwise a serious mess could and has been the result in the past. So last night I made a Kangaroo mince curry and offered the boys some raw mince. The mince was most popular and it kept them happy while I did the messy dye job and instead of them making a mess I did with the henna that ends up all over the bathroom, thank god my mum is coming next weekend and not this one!!!!!!!!

The curry by the way was fried onion and garlic in sesame oil, when onions clear add the mince (I used about 750 grams of mince) with lemon juice, more sesame oil, curry powder and soy sauce. When mince is mostly cooked add two cans whole tomatoes and chop with spatula. Cook on low and when mince is cooked serve with steamed vegies and with toast as I did.

During wake up human time, Spider and Smudge were having a wrestle on top of me as I lay in bed at 6.50 this morning wishing, dreaming of a sleep in. It ended in Spider hissing and growling at Smudge who decided to play with my toes instead and then sit on my tummy and purr as loudly as possible.

Shelf digging, is a new hobby of Smudges by the way that accompanies his shelf climbing, box investigating and wall climbing. Obviously he is trying to get to something underneath to the dismay of his owner who would like for her precious books and papers not to be scratched to pieces. This morning he was trying to remove two books to get into a shoe box underneath the books.

More on the art of house decorating courtesy of Spider and Smudge to come.

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