Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Silly sheep, jumping lessons from Smudge and cat quality time.

Tuesday 3rd November

The sound of baaing sheep woke me this morning and still could be heard as I ate my breakfast, not sure if a lone sheepie got lost or the wind is carrying their call as it often does the cattle. Reminiscent of time spent living on the grounds of Western Plains Zoo so many years ago and waking to the sounds of lions roaring when I was employed as a Zookeeper .

I sat reading this morning while the boys explored the sunroom. It has a garden with plants the boys are not to chew which is why I supervise if it is for an extended period. There are however specially pots of cat grass spread around the area. Smudge employed all his skills of jumping, redecorating and wall climbing this morning. At this moment he is attempting to open my shoebox with all my tax receipts for next year, is it some type of hint, not sure what he is suggesting this time.

Speaking of jumping I got an attack of the sooky lala’s last night when unable to jump onto a weights bench while Jenna was training me. Climbing onto the bench or stepping onto the bench is fine but jumping from in front of it onto the bench is a real challenge to me. Chloe the blond Husky appeared to be feeling my frustration and stood in the way to stop my attempts to jump. Needless to say I have been practicing at home. Jumping onto the low lounge is fine, my chair is just ok but my large wooden chest is a no go as well, same height as weight bench!!!

Smudge might be employed to assist me in overcoming this semi- phobia I have.

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