Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Feet pouncing, Soy candles and the joy of a sunny spot.

Tuesday 10th November 2009

Yesterday Alison left pretty early, I was still so tired and went back to bed and managed to sleep for another hour, ah heaven. Smudge made sure it was no longer than a hour of a sleep in as he began pouncing on my feet WWF style.
It was good to be able to talk to my mum as she drove home and to know she was safe at work late morning. She had a ton of coffee I had made her and a load of yoghurt and fruit. Smudge finished off the yoghurt from in the container later and he always gets it all over his ears. Spider sat there looking a bit forlorn so I passed it over to him after Smudge had had his go.

After my mum, left I went into Tuggeranong and did errands and had coffee with a friend, we looked at soy candles made by a friend of mine. We bought a few and some DVDs as well. I actually bought a DVD of Gilmore Girls with 26 episodes, I will have to ration my viewing otherwise I will not get reports done in time. The best way is to reward myself with an episode for work done.
The boys had a lovely day with time spent chasing critters in enclosure and lying in the sun in the window as the picture shows.

In my mind is the hope that my class will appreciate my return today.

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