Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The joy of a lino floor, jumping success and bouncy animals

lovely lino
cooling, soothing
gets cleaned up when I make a mess
smooth floor
(My own Cinquain)

Last night it was quite warm and Spider was sprawled out on the lino floor. It was a warm day yesterday and while I like the heat the unit where I teach was warm and stuffy.

This was the other day when I brought the large computer box out of my office, Smudge loves to play on top, inside and put things inside it.

The children were delightful in the morning, in fact one girl in my class told me she was so exuberant because she had had honey on her weetbix. She was dancing around with the same endless energy that Chloe the blonde Husky was the other night. She (the canine) bounded up to me when I arrived at training almost prancing or pronging like a deer, very cute.

The Arrowroot plant is now outside so Smudge did a bit of exploring on the book shelf. He wastes no opportunity. His motto is "there is no time like the present" , insert wreak havoc.

Jumping success by the way (Smudge’s training helped, he gets in lots of practice as you can see in above photo) I jumped onto the weights bench on Monday night and then promptly lost my balance and landed flat on my left side of my bottom on the concrete floor. Of course I got the sooky lala’s again due to the emotional weekend I had with my mum.

Wednesday is upon us, time for me to sign off.


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