Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Family fun, the joy of second hand shopping and three weeks left of school.

The boys being tolerant, well Spider being accepting of Smudge.

Sunday 29th November
It’s been a lovely weekend, almost did not want to leave as it was great to see all my family. Especially good to see my mum who will be in England for Christmas. The boys are glad to see me arrive home, I always am happy to come home to a welcome from my furry boys.

Mittagong is my fav place to stop and check out Vinnies, it is a must do as well as pick up a great coffee which I always do. The only problem yesterday was that I got there half an hour too late!!! Vinnies was closed (sob!!!!)
Chris (my brother) and his family have a very special dog, called Jessie. Yes I am harping on about a dog (in a blog about two cats, almost sacreligious), this is a dog that is cat like in his nature and so beautiful. We went swimming and Chris threw him unceremoniously into the pool. Jessie is a very efficient dog paddler and made his way towards the steps with ease. The funny happening was him falling into the pool as he loped around the edge of the water. The way he just slipped in accidently gave me such a laugh (thanks Jessie).
Three weeks left of school, a busy time and then all the weight will disappear from my life. I will write until I finish my second book and am well on the way with my third book.

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