Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Back to school, Gilmore girls fest slows down and Do I have the energy to train tonight???????


Monday 30th November
Back to school, it fills me with a joyful feeling (this is me preparing myself). Don’t get me wrong I love my class but you need to know every day is like performing on stage. At least that is what I would compare it to. As a teacher I am an actress and yes there are times I have embodied another persons persona of calm or authoritative attitude to get through a day, a session or even a lesson.

Last week was a Gilmore Girls festival, I have made up for my lack of not watching TV with the compulsive viewing of 2.5 hours or so each day. I love the relationship the two main characters have.
After a day at school will I want to train, I need to see as being a cathartic sort of session and then it will help me and I will get though without Jenna being horrified at my lack of energy.

Oh and yes the cats that’s what this blog is about. They have been such good comforting little souls during my week of rest. The photo below is of Smudge when he first arrived from the RSPCA. I now have a cable to download really great quality photos from my digital camera. Let me tell you there were lots of photos just sitting there from years ago.

Smudgies first day at our house!!!!
I have to announce (fanfare please) another blog has been created. This one will be infrequent (in its postings) and is all about the happenings in my garden and anyone else’s garden for that matter of note. There is a link on this blog to the side, have a look why don't you!!!

Jessie the dog, such a sweetie.

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