Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Aunty Kammie’s last visit, Worming time and the joy of corn puffs.

Saturday 28th November

Smudge the acrobat.

Aunty Kammie came to say goodbye to me and the boys this arvo after school. It was kind of sad. I have enjoyed her dedication to looking after Spider and Smudge. Remembering her first time she looked after Spider before Smudge arrived on the scene. Kammie had a great time and did a fabulous job. Recalling her letter thanking me for letting her look after the boys was truly special.

Yes worming time has arrived, Spider has not been 100% and just to ensure it is not an attack of the wriggly kind both boys got wormed yesterday. Spider was most indignant about having the tablets stuck down his throat but Smudge however was a cinch to worm.

Corn puffs, I love corn puffs says Smudge. I have been throwing him one to play with and he was madly dashing around the house the first few times. He has now decided that he is quite partial to eating them now and are not so much of a plaything anymore.

Spider in explore mode this morning.
I am off to Sydney for my Nieces birthday, it will be fun!!!!!! The boys have Aunty Rosie looking after them again. Smudge found a slug again this morning, another good reason to worm and yes he got goop all over his mouth again.

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