Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Cats doing what they do best, Haiku and but wait there's more reports.


Smudge in the shopping bag.
The boys get a big mention today, as yesterday they seemed to be doing anything in their power to distract me from my task at hand. Spider and Smudge sat on the tests I was referring to, they jumped on the table and they played in my bags of books and other bits and pieces.
At the moment they are doing the race around the house like dragsters. Also running into things and as usual remodelling my house cat style.

Spider sitting on tests.
The Haiku below I am using with my class this week, they have excelled at poetry and I have really enjoyed including a major animal element. The class have learnt a lot of the strange habits of animals that they have included in their poetry.
Haiku by Kara


Blackbird sings at night (5)

Mournfully crying loudly (7)

Dusk is upon us. (5)


Lying in the sun

Warming up before it eats

Scales shine in the sun.
Oh and yes reports, don’t mention the reports and they might get magically done for me. Almost reminiscent of Basil Fawlty’s “Don’t mention the war”, well it’s like a war going on inside my head. The war being the urge to do anything but reports. I have done about 7 hours on them this weekend but I have played in the garden, and I mean played with digging up my garlic plants and exclaiming to myself as one does when a rather large bulb is unearthed. Yes garlic plaits for Christmas pressies this year. Other non report activities have included playing with Smudge and Spider and of course the best for last, taking photos of them.
Back to school this morning, I hope my plants are ok too in the front garden!!!!

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