Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The wise one, all fluffed up and the mouse house

Sunday 15th November
Leanne does know, she is wiser beyond her years and yet she is only 5 months or so older than me. Yes journal writing is back on and not the “Today I went to the shops and bought some shoes and met a friend for coffee”. My journal writing is going to be involving my dreams, visions and of course my future. And yes I am happy to report that I have written in it, all about treating myself with care and making time for myself. The time today is going into this blog because report writing is back on after 4 and a half hours of slogging away yesterday.
Back to the boys, ( yes I know this blog it is drifting away from them a little, I may have to rearrange blog title slightly???)Spider and Smudge were out in the enclosure this morning and something spooked Spider bum, his tail in the photo as you can see, very fluffy.

Then Smudge had a play with the mouse house, as pictured below and Spider had a cursory look and pretended not to be interested in the slightest but he really was.

By the way BBQ last night and kangaroo was good, marinate with garlic and red wine and is really yummy.

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Langdowns said...

Wow! I'm a wise one?! That's great. I need to write about that - in my journal no less ;)