Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Sunday, sleeping and sour puss

Woken up by cats at 5.15am, proceeded to shut them down other end of house but assumed Spider was already down there. Unfortuntely I went to bed, just about asleep and 'bang, crash', just Spiders way of letting me know he was still with me!!!!

Got up again and shut him down with Smudge, tried to go back to sleep to the sounds of them gallivanting around the house, no such luck however. So got up fed cats, anything to stop Smudges's yowling. Made omelette with spinach and soon as I crack an egg and vroom Spider has materilaised in the kitchen with Smudge close behind. They both get an egg yolk each (this courtesy of Aunty Lolo's lovely eggs from her stunningly superb chickens) and I get to eat my breakfast with Spider watching me ready for my plate to check over.

Smudge meanwhile has found the bell in the plastic shell and is madly chasing it around the lino floor much to Spiders disgust as he barrels into him. This is of course followed by a growly, hissy fit from Spider who then jumps up high and proceeds to wash himself. If ever in doubt wash, this must be a cats motto. Well extolled by Paul Gallicos "Jennie".

Just another day in the life of Spider and smudgybum.

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