Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Smudge's guide to Decorating and the art of typing with feline assistance.

October 26th -2009 Monday

Yesterday I used my laptop to get some writing completed, Spider just loves when I sit on the black chair and always, yes always climbs on my lap without fail. Most of the time I adore this fancy of his for a cuddle and he is good for keeping one warm and snuggly especially with the chilly rain that came through in the afternoon. Trying to type with a large furry black cat (also shedding lots of hair) on ones lap can be challenging especially as I am not the worlds fastest typer (two finger typer). As fast as I lifted Spidee off my lap he would determinably climb back on and eventually I decided to just cope and managed but at half the speed and with twice as many mistakes as before (thank god for spell check).

Smudge has been redecorating, must have been an interior decorator in a past life ( no not really!!). His idea of decorating is to tentatively balance on the edge of the ginat plant pot (I caught him yesterday, thought the cups inside would have stopped him.) and nibble at my precious arrowroot plant which has grown to a stupendous height and also sample the cactus plant I have sitting in there as well.

Last night they cuddled up as one on the bed and were settled until 5.15 this morning when Smudge decided it was time to jump on me. Soon it will be time to leave these two again for the day, hope they have fun without making too much mess.

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