Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Poetry, cat wrestling, and a dog that loves dried duck

During the day I teach a year 6 class (sure to be more to come later) and today we explored Diamonte poetry. This was challenging for all of us but I was supremely proud of how well the students were able to create their poems. There was an interesting one comparing dogs and cats, no marks for guessing which one I prefer. The student in question was more of a dog fan but I happily suggested some nice verbs and nouns for cats. I might include one tommorrow.

Last night in the main arena the fight was on, that is in the loungeroom with one spectator Spider the official wrestling champ and Smudge the less able due to size. Spider takes advantage of Smudge's playful mood and they tear around the house intermittently breaking into wrestling bouts. Some of the moves include batting ones opponents chin or head with your back paws, inserting your whole mouth around their neck in a dubious fashion and then there is the standover where Spider grasps Smudge by the neck and stands over him (imagine how that looks, no more explanation!!!).

We did have a quick cat training session in which Smudge was on my lap in a flash for some duck so the training is working, just gotta work out how to get him to stay for longer now.

Training for me was back on again yesterday at 6 and I took along a token for the beautiful blond Chloe the husky. The dried duck was well recieved and virtually inhaled in one go. Then Miss Chloe looks at me with a any more look in her eyes (I know what I will be getting her and mum for Xmas). She is looking stunning after this bath, that is for a dog, I am not a huge dog fan but Chloe I really warm to. It is almost as if she knows at times when I am struggling to complete a set of weights of stepups and she is often there encouraging me on .

The boys found my purple wig yesterday, wonder what they will discover today???

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