Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The recipe for a good nights sleep

Ocober 30 Friday

Thank god it's Friday, the boys are doing their morning gallivant after breakfast and it has included Smudge locating squeak mouse from off a high shelf to my horror. Seeing this I realise hiding the mouse completely is going to be a neccesity.

Boxing was on last night with a group of people and my trainer and her partner. I haven't been for two weeks and I seriously felt like I got the wrong end of the stick (not sure if that's the correct expression) when I was paired up with a new guy who had arrived with his wife. They were a really nice couple possibly Sri Lankan, not sure, but when it came to him punching I watched like a hawk. I used to worry about the strength of some of the women and their punching power, not anymore as this guy almost had me falling backwards and the blows were glancing the sides of the pads. Finding out later he was holding back apparently because he normally works out with a guy is unbelievable!! Sore arms are the result but no black eye  (thank god, mind you would have been a good story) and I held on throughout the whole hour, no wonder his wife wanted to just watch.

So that's how I got my good nights sleep and well Mr Smudge, he came home and retrieved Squeaky mouse for a while doing his usual leaps and with me catching him in mid air to his surprise. Mr Mouse is thrown down the hall and if I remain in the kitchen Smudge will bring him back. If I walk down the hall however he waits and I throw it from where he is sitting. Smudge is quite adept at getting me to throw the mouse, I guess he has trained me well. Spider was also ambushed by Smudge early in the morning and growling resulted, when I turned on the light Spider had given in and was vigorously washing the assailants head. The rest of the night was peaceful.

Today my class are reading picture books to their buddy year 2 class, most of the books have an animal theme in regard to being endangered and rescued. I look forward to the sharing of these special books.

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