Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

The mousehole cat, egg suprise and how to play king of the castle.

October 29th Thursday

Yesterday was a full on day, lots of extra responsibility and students learning about what happens when I have had enough, no extra sport. Thank goodness one can sit down with a collegue at the end of day and talk about cats. I could feel my stress levels drop as I began the conversation and when I left to go home feeling soothed was the result. We discussed our cats and their moth chasing habits and then the book "The Mousehole Cat" came up and my collegue was entranced or being very polite. "The MouseholeCat" is about a cat that owns a fisherman that catches fish every day for the cat, I love the way it is written from the cats perspective (a picture book yes but worth a look, the drawings alone are incredible).

Returning home found Spider and Smudge playing around on their cat furniture and the challenge was on to see who would get the top spot and be king of the castle. It looked like Smudge was going to be the one but a suprise bat to the head from Spider to Smudge sealed the deal. Spider got the top spot and draped himself over the platform (I wish I had time to get a photo), legs hanging off and washing in a semingly casual fashion as one does when you are a feline in this position.

Egg suprise was on the menu last night and it involves using 6 eggs (with all the yolks, the boys were horrified!!!), cooking half a bag of pasta and spinach (seperately of course) then addding it all together in a frypan with a can of smoked salmon and sesame oil. Then when oneside is cooked flip it over and cook other side (works well if you use a non stick pan and flip into spare pan and nack into original pan). Nevertheless the boys got some when it was cooked and they gave their mark of approval  to a sample each with a long washing spell afterwards.

Hopefully tonight will not be another oh dear I forgot to hide squeaky mouse like last night.

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