Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Bugfest, the art of yowling and wall exploration

Bugs, bugs and yet more bugs were crawling all over the screen door outside and inside above the lamp last night. Smudge could not decide which ones to go for so he just sat and watched completely entranced, ocassionaly making a mad dash to make a meal of one and then return to his post near the door along with Spider.

Yesterday was World teachers day and I guess I need to try and put into perspective the timing of a letters arrival from the Dept of Ed. After putting out to the universe (as one does ) that I felt there were positives to getting teaching permanency and also the opposite I recieved the same result. Is the message from the universe to write and to teach part time as I yearn next year? Am I completely off my rockers to write this every morning, in my heart I know the answer.

Enough of the woe is me attitude moving on is the way to go, this blog is what gets me up and out of bed each morning with a smile and when I think of the influence my furry boys have on my life. Today I am meeting with a special lady who turned my whole world around simply by helping me change my perspective of life, she is my life coach and has always believed in me even when I doubted myself.

Smudge by the way is an expert in the art of yowling and would win a contest hands down. It starts with me hearing the woeful sound (maybe Smudge is having life perspective issues???) coming from the other end of the house. The sound initially makes me worried he is stuck somewhere (mind you the time he was it was a scream) and I investigate and he is just sitting in the middle of the hall making a god forsaken noise. Probably it's all down to Spider not wanting to wrestle and play chasey as often as he would like to.

Wall exploration continued this morning by the way with Smudge making an expedition up the corner of the wall near the bathroom. He can be a most odd cat at times and this wall adventuring has me dumbfounded ofter than him trying to use excess energy. I recall a 13 year friend of the human variety who used to have to go off for a mad dash up and down the street when she was about 9 to use up energy, now she is a little more sloth like.

Coming up " the joy of grass munching".

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