Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Moths, mayhem and the joy of roasted chickpeas

October 28th Wednesday

Last night while I was munching on roasted chickpeas(they are really yummy, found in the health food aisle at Woolies), inevitably one fell on the floor and the delightful Smudge was there to give it an experimental paw then proceed to play with it all over the house for the next half hour. Towards the end I think he ate it, otherwise not sure where it ended up?

Smudge always seems to arrive at the right moment (often this is the right moment for him and not me). Opening the cupboard in the computer room proved to be the catalyst for his arrival this time and he was predictably in the cupboard and knocking over a pile of books I had made.

During all this mayhem Spider was sensibly sitting and having a wash until someone decided it was time to play the pounce game. So then the fast washing of the coat begins, with Spider making quick furtive glances every couple of seconds to make sure Smudge was not on his way mid pounce. Of course you have to be looking at the right time and no Spider missed him and the cat wrestling began again.

Moths were on the menu last night and Smudge managed to jump halfway up the wall in his attempt to get a moth, dislodged a picture in the process and the moth was still on the roof. Even when the light were turned off he was still bouncing around annd he settled only to pounce on me and Spider early in the wee hours.

Consequently he spent from about 2am on his own down the other end of the house and had a touching reunion with both of us this morning.

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