Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Oct 24th- Wobbly cat stands, the joy of moth hunting and how is it one recruits more followers?

woe is me, I read a friends blog and they have six followers, six and I have one. And I can tell you it is not for lack of me trying to recruit new followers, I have sent/ written down and texted the link to many people. Well just got to find the feline fanciers.

Anyway back to the land of furry felines, last night Smudge was entailed to chase and hunt down a moth in the lounge room. I have never seen him so animated, bouncy around the walls, flying through the air matrix style a number of times. Then the moth falls into the stand surrounding the bulb of my uplight, I turned it off and blew into the receptacle, what resulted was a mass of insect body parts going down the front of my top and the floor. Smudge decided they tasted real good, but was disappointed his object of the moment had disappeared and continued to stand near the light clearly waiting for the moth to emerge.

The boys have a scratching post that is elevated off the ground with a box on the bottom, they love the height but it has got rather wobbly, quite amusing to watch them attempt to get their balance on top, rather like cat gymnastics. Christmas time will bring them a fancy multilevel piece of furniture.

Training took place this morning and as Smudge had jumped on my lap oh so briefly this morning to demand breakfast I decided to entice him onto my lap. Spider was on my lap in a flash and had 4 pieces and all Smudge did was put two paws on my leg and reach out for the dried duck with no success. Only when I went and got squeaky mouse and waved it enticingly as I was sitting did he leap to get the mouse and then whammo I offered him some duck which he was happy to have, I got him on my lap again in the same way again but it still took quite some time.

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