Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Dressing gowns, dining tables and drains

Getting home can be a delightful experience, not just for cuddles but to see what havoc they have caused or created durin g the day. Today it was the dining room table and the black fringed cloth just about on the floor and all the cushions off the chairs. They definitely get busy when I am not home.

After I had a shower last night Smudge decided to explore the shower, he stood watching and listening to the water going down the drain. He may have been watching for a still surviving earwig to confront???

My blue furry dressing gown is what Smudge is in love with at the moment (as Spider was before he decided he was a kitten no more in that way anyway). The cat in question jumps onto the bed at sleep time and sucks a mouthful of the material while he purrs and kneads his paws, yes  not unusal behaviour but every night?? And with Smudge slobber on it!!! Yuk.

This morning I was dreaming about flying (really strange) dancing and taking the cats to my dads place. I was dreaming someone was grabbing my feet as I danced and then I wake to the usual culprit pawing at my toes under the covers of my bed, yes Smudge , who else would it be.

Today I am acting in a skit about persistence at school, my idea in a way but the lovely Di wrote the script with a Star wars theme running throughout. Should be a blast.

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