Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

King of the castle, bushwalking and bed making

Its Monday again, the weekend goes too fast. A fascinating weekend it was however. The cat training has well and truly resumed and the hoop has been dusted off. Spider willingly junped through the hoop (cushion underneath to prevent cheating) three times and well Smudge very reluctantly walked through three times cursing one would imagine under his breath. They then both recieved their piece of dried duck to chew on, gone in a flash, is there more they ask??

Making my bed is always a chore, it has become an adventure in trying to get it made while Smudge pounces on my hand and intermittently climbs inside the quilt when I taking the old quilt cover off. So I took the advantage this time of wrapping him up inside while I continued stripping the bed, ahh peace. Spider arrives in the bedroom and spies a wriggling bundle wrapped up and the game is on to discover what it is. I decided to release Smudge as Spider had an unfair advantage and the chase was on.

Went for a bushwalk with my friend Lolo to Nursery Swamp, it was a great day for a walk and we spied a lot of lovely flowers. Saw a most gorgeous snake, possibly a brown gleaming in the sun and a dragon who was most willing to let Lolo take his photo.

This morning Spider is playing king of the castle in sitting on the highest position he can on the window sill  and Smudge is wandering around yowling. Its breakfast time and they will be keen to have some, I am making omelette.

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