Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Dried duck, earwigs and tree kangaroos

The earwigs are back, well a few are still wandering around the house to the delight of Smudge who loves watching them and playing with them. I chuck them out the house when I can sweep them up but they are a little insidious. I can lift a plant pot outside and the whole patch of soil writhes with them, I may need to find a friendly earwig eater.

A  female Tree kangaroo dominated my dreams this morning, it was as big as a male Wallaroo and wanted to show off its joey to my family and me. Yes I am back dreaming about animals again and know I will make them a larger part of my life as my dreams become a reality.

Anyway cats are tearing around the house as usual, at least Spider has stopped stomping for now on Smudge as he does before he gets breakfast in the morning. The stomp is a grumpy action done towards Smudge when Spider feels he is getting too big for his boots.

Cat training has resumed, I picked up a packet of duck jerky from the pet place in Phillip. They have a house cat, a tabby who happily lounges on the packs of food and floor. I also dropped into the RSPCA and got some more science diet for the boys and cat litter. At the RSPCA they always are so friendly and often there are dogs being adopted and lovely puppies wandering around. I feel Australians should be concentrating on buying a pet from the RSPCA as much as possible.

More on cat training to come, just to say they will get back into the hoop jumping today, have a fun Sunday.

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