Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Cat training, earwigs and Smudge the pounce expert

I spied an earwig on the wall last night, took a while to snaffle it but got it eventually and hope that is the last of them. Lolo my friend tells me her chickens go nuts over them, if only I could borrow them to raid just the earwigs from the garden, unfortunately they are not quite that selective and are destructive to gardens at times.

Dreams last night were filled with washing, loads of washing in piles on the floor and a horse and kittens inside. One kitten which I washed and cared for. There were also waterfowl including a pair of Brolga's I went nuts over and a troupe of White Winger Choughs. (I have a bit of an obsession with White Winged Choughs and it always makes me smile when I see a family of them).

Last nights dinner was chicken necks, Spider decided to let the kitten in him free rein and resorted to tossing the chicken neck around the house until told to eat it and stop being silly. It's funny to watch him for a while as he tentatively paws at the chicken from a distance then throws the whole thing in the air in an almost acrobatic display. Smudge has adamantly decided he does not like chicken necks and as much as I encouraged him he would not eat it. Later he got some biscuits I have to confess.

Cat training is progressing well , Smudge decided he would walk through the hoop once(two cushions under this time) and when asked to go through again he actually jumped so he got the dried duck straight away, that way he got the reward straight after the desired behaviour. Spider leapt through straight away, he knows the score and I know I will have to give him a new challenge. I am gonna be thinking about that.

Smudge was pouncing big time on Spider last night, lots of growling was the result but Spider was chasing him back and I was observing two very fluffed up cats at one point, very cute to see.

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