Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Friday and it's fun to be a feline

Spider and Smudge are both hyper this morning, tearing around the house with meaows uttered in full flight. They must know the weekend is almost upon us. Smudge does this whole body shake thing that sounds like a dog not a cat.

Aunty Lolo is coming over for dinner tonight and Spider loves Lolo, there are not many peoples laps he will sit on but without fail he clambers onto hers and settles down and takes it all in while we gossip and drink red wine.

This reminds of when my friend Laurence first met Spider, Spider was most interested, attentive to the point of being like a chaperone. Jumping onto the computer desk as we were setting my new one up. I also realised why Smudge was so stand offish, he had never met another male, I had always had females visit.

My youinger brother was here late last year renovating my bathroom and lets just say him and Spider not a good mix. I came home after school and he was standing at the door with blood dripping from his thumb with lots of interesting words coming from his mouth.

Spider can be a bit grumpy or very playful. In fact before Smudge arrived he would at times embody Kato from The Pink Panther and randomly attack my leg in a semi- gentle fashion as I walked past a room he was in.

Anyway lets hope the boys tire themselves out and I have an interrupted sleep tonight, speedsubmarines, sharks and boats last night in my dreams.

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