Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Bugs, breakfast and head butts

Lovely, it's Saturday and Smudge is doing his duty guarding the water hose for earwigs. I have a hose filling the washing machine and when I brought it in from outside a family of earwigs came pouring out of the hose end. They were promptly washed down the sink with scaldingly hot water but a few still came out and Smudge was most determined to see what an earwig tasted like.  Yuk was his conclusion, but yet he is still watching the plug hole to make sure none have survived.

Spider was very happy to see Aunty Lolo last night but he took a while to decide to settle on her lap as he was determined to insert his head into the fridge door every time it was opened. Yes a very food motivated cat which will encourage me to buy some more duck chews. Spider will do almost anything for a duck chew so cat training may well recommence this afternoon. Anyway he was happily having his nose rubbed and falling into a meditative state as he does.

Smudge was entertained by Lolo last night with huge chase and retrieve the squeaky mouse session, he flaked out aftrewards like I have never seen him do before. He was seriouly tired and I virtually had to carry him to bed.

This morning it was cat aerobics time again as both boys raced around the house meowing in full flight and then stopping for a power wash (this is where they give themslves a few fast licks to their coat and run off in mid lick virtually as the race around the house continues).

By the way Smudge has perfecated the art of head butting, he stands on his back legs and smooches my chin with the top of his head. Spider never really got the hang of this, he does a side of the head smooch instead.
And yes I am obsessed with my cats, they are the best, they make me smile every day.

Remember its never too late to start the day with a smile , you can always practice later and then start tommorrow.

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