Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

Boxes, beds and books

Thank god it's Thursday, two days left to go for me at school and the boys to have me home with them for the weekend. I had the usual experienece with Smudge this morning while making my bed. It's cat aerobics, he follows my hand and bounces from one corner to the next. He is obsessed with quilts and it can be tiring when I am trying to make the bed as he jumps inside or on with his black mouse on tow. Funny one aftrenoon when I returned home unable to find Smudge but there was a wriggling lump inside a quilt I was drying over a door (I know funny way to dry a quilt), he had wrapped himself up well and truly inside and needed help to get out.

The mouse was retired last night at 9.45 to enable me to have a squeakless night, but not a sleepless night. Although I had dreams about wandering through a shopping centre, accidently becoming part of of a theatre play and walking too far in high heels I feel excited about a new day.

I sure the cats feel excited too and will be when I finally make my breakfast of eggs and spinach and they get some too.Gonna have to pick a better time to write this blog, at 6.40 or so without fail my computer updates and away goes my work, thank god it saves a draft.

Anyway I am back and Smudge is exploring the computer box I have in the computer room, I put toys in there and he gets them out and Spider just growls when Smudge gets too close this morning.

Gotta love the way cats meaow as they tear around the house and intermittently stop and scent mark a book or jump on an unsuspecting victim as Smudge just did to Spider.

All fluffed up the boys are and looking very cute due to the sneaky ambush.

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