Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

A very scary morning!!!

Hello lovely people,

We all had a scary morning today, another cat came and disturbed us all near the front door. For some reason this set Spider and Smudge into full on cat fight mode, it was horrible I had to seperate them into diffrent rooms and shut the doors.

Racing through my head were possibilities of what to do, advice from neighbours saying I should never have got two male cats (they are both desexed). I know they still have the odd cat scrap but this moring was horrific, I had to take some rescue herbal remedy to calm myself down knowing my two bestest buddies were not getting on.

Anyway a trip in the car during the open house and return home, below is them this aftyernoon!!!
Figure that one out??????????


Karen Jo said...

I don't think it's because they are both (desexed) male cats. I think they just got riled up at the intruder cat, then took it out on each other. Once they calmed down again they were back to being best buddies. I once lived with a spayed female and a female kitten who couldn't get along.

Kea said...

Karen Jo is right, and it's called redirected aggression. Happens with Nicki all the time, because he sees the neighbour's cat on the other side of the fence, fights with him through the gap, then turns on Derry (or Annie, whoever happens to be nearby). Usually I just grab my water bottle and give a squirt. Once Nicki calms down, it's okay. Same thing would happen between Chumley and Annie: Chum would see another cat and turn on Annie because he couldn't get to the strange cat. It's just pure instinct.

Actually, I used to walk Annie on a leash and harness and one afternoon I ended up with 5 bites in my right hand because I mistakenly picked Annie up when she was facing down another cat. Neither of the cats would give way and I stupidly picked Annie up to take her to safety. She promptly redirected her aggression into my hand and I had to carry her back to the house under one arm, with the other hand dripping blood all over the place. I have a few scars from that! (And went for a tetanus booster too.)

Anyway, perhaps just keep a squirt water bottle handy, or grab your broom handle if that happens again. Once the incident is over, at least here, it's like nothing happened.

Brian said...

Yep, they weren't really being nasty to each other...Karen Jo is so right. I am happy to see them together again!!!

BeadedTail said...

Oh poor boys! That nasty introoder got them all riled up. That wasn't very nice.