Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
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Flowers, Aunty Lolo and the trick to regrouting a shower.

I is supervising mum while she writes her newsies.

Hi all,

Today has been a bit about me, a bit about Aunty Lolo and lots about getting my house ready for sale.

I dyed my hair with Henna and did ok this time, often it turns out orange (due to a prolifreation of grey), it is dark brown this time.

I planted out lots of pretty pansies and Polyanthus in pots and in my garden border, I bleached the shower, tidied my shed and took a load to donate to charity.

Lois came for dinner and I made a pizza. I used the recipe for flat gluten free bread and it worked a treat.
here is the recipe (I am gonna make sugar free ginger cookies tommorow).

Gluten free flat bread/ Pizza base.

Mix equal parts of brown rice flour, buckwheat and polenta, add small amount soya flor.
Add small amount salt and some pysillium husks.

Add small amount olive oil, 1 egg and water to make it dough like.

Flatten into pancake sized pieces to fry in a greased pan, to assist flattening use some extra flour (wipe excess off) or grill in oven as a pizza base (or add some sweetener like Stevia as I will do for biscuits).

If cooking in pan cook a couple of mins each side, in oven it may need around 10 mins, but keep checking.
Try just oven and not grill (I use grill as my oven does not work properly.

Have fun.

Oh and what is the trick to regrouting a shower I am hoping for tips, I have the grout and the gun, the guy in the hardware store said to use a solution of dishwashing liquid to smooth the grout after filling.


Kea said...

The recipe for gluten-free flatbread looks interesting. I'm trying to cut down on most wheat/corn in my diet, due to tummy difficulties, so am looking for recipes for substitutes.

As for re-grouting tile....good luck. LOL. I don't know anything about it and my bathroom has an old tub surround, not tile. Fingers crossed it goes well!

The Paw Relations said...

Ooo what a good recipe!

Happy World Cat Day to Spider and Smudge!

Brian said...

Sounds pretty yummy!!! Great supervising going on too!

Jacqueline said...

Best of luck with regrouting the tile and getting your house ready to sale=that is really a huge job!...I'm just in the beginning stages myself=just starting to think about selling my house and buying another one=not quite sure yet, looking around though (I've been here 22 years so the clutter clean up will be enormous!)...Take care, sending love and big hugs to you and your beautiful boys...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hm, we aren't sure with the regrouting - we aren't sure what you are using because our only grout experience didn't have any guns involved (now, if it is for caulking that would be different - and in that case we are not good to ask, because it was terrible looking when we did it at our house!)