Spider and Smudge

Spider and Smudge
Relax mode, Smudge and Spider Copyright:K J Woodward

A day of pampering, well almost a day.

Hello lovely people,

I went and had my hair restyled today and my eyebrows waxed and I have to say I feel a whole lot better.
Gonna henna my hair soon as the grey is showing again.

Then I came home and cleaned up an old BBQ that I got from a neighbour and cleaned the sunshaded outside area.

As I write this I am continuing to declutter my computer room, it is amazing what one accumulates after 10 years in one place.

Oh god Smudge is sucking that dressing gown of mum's again!!!

We are snuggly and wuggly in front of the heater!!!


Jacqueline said...

Good for you, Kas, you certainly deserve to pamper yourself...It's great that you are still tackling the clutter=it's tough to weed through years of stuff that somehow seems to accumulate in overwhelming proportions!...Forge ahead to your destiny :)!...Such adorable, totally precious photos of your darling boys...Enjoy your day...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

The Paw Relations said...

What a great snuggly wuggly picture!

Brian said...

Yep, stuff sure piles up...but so do Smudge and Spider!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Do you make gluten free bread?? You eat really healthy!!! Good for you!!
What is Roo beef you had mentioned in the comment you left for me??
The next time I blog there will be pictures of the coons and I and going to tell what I cook for Bambi and my self each morning!!!
XXOo, Bambi & Fern

BeadedTail said...

Oh we love the snuggly wuggly photo!